Conveyor belt Splicing Kit

We supply different types of Splicing materials. These jointing kits are made from premium quality materials which provides superior adhesion strength, durability and stability.

We also provide Splicing Kits for Steel Cord Belts and following Jointing Materials:

  1. Insulation Compound
  2. Cover Compound
  3. Intercord strips
  4. Silicon Release Paper
  5. Cleaning Solution

Our Jointing Materials provide the ultimate protection for your belt so that your system requires less maintenance. Our innovative compounds provide protection and performance in even the toughest applications. Utilizing our compounding expertise, we offer a wide variety of cover compounds to meet your specific application requirement. Our manufacturing process is unique to the conveyor belt industry. We have our own mixing facilities that provide raw materials used in making our cover compounds, giving us more control over the quality of the product every step of the way.

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